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Dealer Address: Changzhou Trading Company, No. 6-5, Dingyi Tianjing, No. 754 Xuefu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Manufacturer's Address: State-level Industrial Park,Songming County, Yanglin Town, Kunming City

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Yunnan Detai Enamel Daily Metal Products Co.,Ltd begins as an original state-owned medium-sized enterprise named Kunming Enamel plant. Kunming Enamel plant retreats from state-owned enterprises for the adjustment of state-owned economy and it is registered as Yunnan Detai Enamel Daily Metal Products limited Company in May.2008.It plans to start operation in 2009.



Yunnan Detai Enamel Daily Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of steel plate enamel and cast iron enamel products, formerly known as the former state-owned medium-sized enterprises Kunming Enamel Factory. Covering an area of about 55 acres, with a new factory building of more than 20,000 square metres, the company has 185 employees, including 32 senior management and professional technicians.


Features of Enamel Cast Iron Cookware


Environmental pollution natural mineral and precision casting are combined by high temperature up to 1000°that are acid and alkali resistant and anti-corrosion.


Reliable sealing it can retain moisture efficiently and shorten cooking time.


Innovative drop-water design delicacy circulates and maintain food natural flavor.


Striking, colorful chicken colorful enamel technology, various colors can be selected to meet different demands.


Durable several layer enamel cast iron spraying technology bright and shine, greatly show elegance.


Ingenuity production, promise quality one pot and one mould build exclusive Enamel Cast Iron Cookware